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Frequently Asked Questions

How much cost to develop a software?

All we know that software development is not like purchase a product from a shop or order online, there are various steps such as software requirement analysis, prototype design, approval, development, testing and so many other activities.
To avoid these activites and time, We have already developed few software, please see demo before purchase.

How much cost to design a website?

Cost to design a website varies due to its nature such as static website Rs 5000/- only (view details) dynamic website Rs. 15000/- (view details) e-commerce website Rs. 45000/-(view details)

How much cost of develop a mobile app?

To develop a Android Mobile App � starting from Rs. 60000/- to know more please call us send your requirements.

Are there any further cost to maintain website, software & app?

Yes there are an annual cost to run your website that is domain and hosting renewal Rs. 2500/- per annum

Can I claim refund my amount if not satisfied with your website, software or app?

No, you are not eligable to get refund your amount in any circumstance. So you are requested to test/ check your software before purchase.